About National Econ Corporation

Our Company

First established in 1986 as a California Corporation, National Econ Corporation is an Environmental Auditing, Consulting and Project Management Firm. The comprehensive scope of services National Econ Corporation provides relates to the identification, assessment, removal, transport and disposal of hazardous and toxic substances. This is reinforced by decades of project management experience in the construction and hazardous materials industry. In fact, project management is the primary difference between National Econ Corporation and others performing environmental consulting services. It is also at the heart of what we believe “gets the job done” for our clients.

A typical project might call for National Econ Corporation to work as the primary consultant or, on behalf of the owner, to direct activities, review and monitor all work being performed by other consultants, sub consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and all related service companies performing work related to a comprehensive environmental abatement and management program. This would include the review of budgets, invoices, documentation, schedules, compliance documents and so forth to maintain cost controls, completion schedules and overall quality assurance.

National Econ Corporation does not endorse the “whatever it takes” or “do it at any cost” philosophies. Our philosophy is to objectively assess environmental needs as they relate to the financial constraints of our clients. Our philosophy is also one of “environmental management” with the highest regard for the safety and health of the general public.

In the environmental industry it is important to understand client needs and be able to relate to their investments. We do – “We’re Part of the Solution”.

Given our environmental and construction base, we are able to provide architectural, engineering, construction management, geological and industrial hygiene professionals as needed. Our Inspectors, Management Planners and Project Designers have been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Health Services in their respective fields.

As professional consultants we are paid for innovative thinking and for considering alternatives. So, we plan and design;…we track minute details, tackle complicated environmental and construction problems and solve them efficiently for the lowest possible cost. We do this by anticipating problems before they happen and pre-developing contingencies in the event problem situations occur. Whether it’s an emergency response situation or business as usual, you will always receive the fastest possible results. You will find that we speak your language and that we are the rare consultant who is willing to make specific recommendations rather than providing you with dozens of options. In other words, we take responsibility. This, too, makes us different.