Lead Based Paint Inspections and Certification in Los Angeles and Orange County

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, lead is the single most serious environmental health hazard affecting children today. The main sources of lead poisoning in children are from deteriorated lead based paint, contaminated soil and lead-contaminated drinking water. Federal and local agencies have implemented numerous regulations that are designed to minimize or eliminate lead hazards. National Econ Corporation provides a comprehensive list of cost effective lead check inspections to eliminate toxic lead and ensure its clients remain in compliance.

  • Comprehensive Lead Based Paint Inspections (click for Fee Schedule)
  • Limited Lead Based Paint Inspections and Lead Check Inspections
  • Clearance Inspections
  • Perimeter Air Sampling
  • Personal Air Sampling
  • Wipe Sampling
  • Soil Sampling
  • Water Sampling
  • X-Ray Fluorescence Testing (RMD & Niton)
  • Lead Project Monitoring & Oversight
  • Lead Project Management
  • Lead Operations & Maintenance Programs
  • Existing Operations & Maintenance Program Evaluations
  • Design Lead Abatement Project Specifications
  • Elevated Blood Level (EBL) Investigations
  • On or Off-Site Lead Training

National Econ Corporation are lead inspectors who keep abreast of current, new or proposed lead regulations and lead paint certification. We are  prepared to provide  clients with cost effective solutions to their lead related projects.

The importance of lead inspection Los Angeles and professional lead inspectors Orange County.

lead inspection Los AngelesDo you have a commercial building is that is being demolished or undergoing a large renovation? Areas of lead-based paint (LBP) may be disturbed or generated for disposal. There are several issues that could come about. Knowing what you are dealing with can eliminate future problems whether they are legal, regulatory or health issues.

Our extensive experience can make sure your commercial renovation or demolition project meets the standards of today’s regulations, and health and safety issues by eliminating toxic lead based paint.

We service Los Angeles County, Orange County and Riverside County. Click here to see some of the cities we service.